If you are interested in blowing glass, our one-day workshops are held on weekends at fresco.

There are two classes on Saturdays and Sundays, which start at 10 AM and 2 PM. We accept about 18 participants in each class.

Please book us from our contact form with your preferable day and time (AM/PM) and the numbers in your group. Your finished piece needs to be annealed slowly so that it would be ready to be picked up/ to be shipped to you in one week.

We ship internationally with additional shipping fee, and look forward to your joining our class!

Please check how to reach us from [Access] page.


¥5,500- (tax included)

1 person for making one piece
*The shipping fee is excluded.

Open on Saturdays and Sundays
AM 10:10 - / PM 2:10 -

sorry We are temporarily closed.

Each classes would take about 2 hours, though the actual blowing time for one participant is 20 mins. We demonstrate how to blow glass at the beggining of the class.


Please make a reservation at least one day in advance by our contact form below / phone 0725-90-2408.

For your safety, you are asked to be taller than 130cm.

Children who are over 4 years old and able to understand our explanation, are allowed to participate in our class with some help of adult.


sorry We are temporarily closed.

samples image

There are over 10 samples and colors that you could choose from as your piece. There is also one special shape which is chaged in seasons.

paper weight image

If you add ¥800- extra, you can make one paperweight with a few tiny glass parts.